Rebain Spain and their representative office in Venezuela sees their employees as their most valuable asset due to their established business relationships and network. As a result Rebain possess a certain competitive advantage coming from the people who work here. Our success is an outcome from their commitment and motivation.

The Rebain staff has many years of experience in the chemical industry and different backgrounds with wide language skills, which helps us to provide the quality service we aim for.

The people who work at Rebain Spain are displayed below:

Rebain Spain

René van Baardewijk - Managing Director - New supplier relationships

Raúl Matute González Latin America & Spain

Almudena Alemany Hernando

Liselotte Hald Manero - Administration

Sara Villach Rodríguez - Administration

Nicolas Marmonier - Sales Africa - Cosmetic Industry

Javier Irigoyen - Sales manager Venezuela

Silmara Laetano - Sales manager Portugal/Brazil -Fish industry

Yannick van Baardewijk - Trainee

Omar Boulama - General Manager Rebain Níger

Jenny Lee - Sales Manager Asian Relations

Kirenia Pimienta Caballero - Responsible Cuba Relations