Arichemie GmbH

Colours are more than just red, blue and yellow - they are a complex blend of processes, environment and chemistry.

Arichemie are specialists in producing the right pigment preparations for your requirements. The Arichemie range of pigment preparations doesn’t just reflect the characteristics of the pigments and a combination of additives - in these products you will also find a remarkable depth of knowledge and years of experience. Arichemie has been working in the field of colour technology since 1840. Their focus on the special field of pigment preparation development dates back to 1956.

Our Arichemie customers not only profit from this experience but also of our lateral thinking and focus. Through the Arichemie laboratories, we can effectively match high quality raw materials to your requirements in order to achieve the most efficient colouration cost possible. We can show you intelligent solutions to all of your colouration requirements.

Aqueous and non-aqueous pigment preparations, organic and inorganic concentrates, tinting systems for:

  • Paint and varnish industries
  • Rubber and plastics processing industries
  • Printing inks industries
  • Building materials and furniture industries
  • Food and textile industries
  • Automotive and ship building industries